An Unexpected Turn

We are sitting at Riley Hospital for children with our 6 month old son, Tage.

I never thought this would be a turn that my life would take.

Here’s the background: Josh and I had begun to notice some developmental delays in Tage, and after a series of events, including a scary trip to the ER due to an apparent milk allergy, we were linked up with an appointment with a new pediatrician.  Josh and I both went to the appointment on Sept. 17th, but figured the doctor would say, “I think I see what you’re seeing. Let’s just run a test or two, but I’m not too worried about it.”

Instead, he immediately sent us for a full blood panel and scheduled a brain CT for the following day with the diagnosis of “Failure to Thrive.”  He was very concerned about Tage’s lack of weight gain and knew something must be wrong.  We were grateful to finally get some answers, but were terrified with the urgency that seemed to be with his actions.

The brain CT did not show anything, but our pediatrician then set up an appointment with a pediatric neurologist at Riley Hospital, who we saw on Sept. 23rd.  Josh did not even go to this appointment with me, because we thought it would be no big deal.  We were very suprised when she decided to have Tage admitted immediately to the hospital for basically lack of weight gain and muscle impairments.

So here we are, awaiting whatever may come.

Something tells me this is not going to be good news.

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