You Can Read This One At Work

Happy Monday, dear friends and family!

I’ve been told that some of you are realizing that you can’t read my posts at work for fear that you might sob in front of your students, co-workers, or boss….sorry about that.  But this one will not make you cry, I hope!

I think we are in the middle of a “calm” right now.  We are adjusting to our new life with Tage, and though we definitely, DEFINITELY, are still very aware that we are in the midst of a storm, the rain is falling a little lighter and the winds are not as blustery right now.

In the past week, we have not received any more bad news, which helps a lot, because for a while there if felt like it was wave after wave of bad news and another would come before we’d even recovered from the last one.  But not this week, and for that, we are so grateful.

We are grateful for a lot of things this week:  We are grateful for no new bad news.  We are grateful for the group of people who have been organized to help me during the week at our house on a regular basis (because being home alone is a little more than I can handle right now).  We are grateful for our church family who spontaneously prayed powerfully with us yesterday morning at the front of the sanctuary and let us know by their presence behind us how much they are will us in this season. (I must admit I was a little afraid to go back to church for the first time after all of this transpired for fear that we would be over-whelmed with well-meaning questions, but exhausting questions. I was pleasantly surprised that we got many hugs and arm squeezes, but not ONE question about how we’re doing.  My guess is you’ve been reading this blog, so you already know.  But thank you for that.)

We are also grateful for your prayers and checking in on Josh and me this weekend, after letting you know that weekends are the hardest time for us, and we are glad to say that this one was the best one yet, not tear-free, but much better!  We are grateful for all the food that keeps being dropped off for us (because I seriously don’t know how I could possibly get to the grocery store and come home and cook right now).  We are grateful for the continual flow of cards in the mail, and we keep each and every one as a reminder of the support and love we are receiving from you.  We are grateful for people who are helping with cleaning, fixing, dog-walking, and all the other things I wish I could do right now but can’t.  We’re grateful for the walk in the woods Josh and I took at Dad’s yesterday, for breathing in the fall air and absorbing the fall colors and remembering that God is still present.  He’s still good.

So what’s up this next week?  Hopefully not a whole lot.  But we do have my sister Marylou coming in for a visit (Haley came a couple weeks ago, too, as did Josh’s brother and sister-in-law).  It will be nice to have someone here with me all week, especially a sister.  We also have a post-surgery (g-tube) appointment on Thursday, but I really imagine this will be a routine appointment.  I’d say the area where we could use the most prayer would be Wednesday night:  we will be meeting with a couple people who work for IU Heath and who will talk with us a little more about Palliative Care (HATE those words).  I envision that Wednesday night might be the hardest part of this upcoming week.  Please pray for peace in the midst of one of the worst conversations we will ever have to have.

See, that wasn’t too bad was it?  Hopefully no tears.  I LOVE to write, but I have lots to do today, so there are the facts for now.  We still don’t want to be walking this road.  We’re still praying for a miracle.  We’re still trying to cherish each day as it comes and not look too much to the future for now.

Thank you prayer warriors!  We cannot say how much we love and appreciate you.

Molly, Josh, and Tage

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