A New Day

Your prayers were so powerful for us yesterday. We felt your love for us and the presence of God around us through one of the darkest days of our lives.

Yesterday morning, they did not expect Tage to make it through the night.

But he did. We have our son with us for another day.

As a friend reminded me yesterday, we can make our best, loving decisions for Tage, but it is the Lord who determines his life, his breaths. Even though they continue to be labored. The Lord has the final word, even when doctors don’t expect him to make it through the night. The Lord is still more powerful than a prognosis. It is all in His hands.

Josh and I also were able to get some much needed sleep last night which will help us get through today.

Tage’s name means Day, or in some sources A New Day, and when he was born, I envisioned a new long life with him. That he was the sunshine after a few very heartbreaking experiences in our lives. That he would be the meaning of our lives now.

But only God can be the meaning of our lives. Tage is just an incredible gift given to us by our compassionate God, and he has been and continues to be sunshine in our lives each day.

Yesterday, we enjoyed hours of holding, cuddling, kissing, singing, and running our fingers over his precious, swollen, chubby cheeks while we tried to manage his pain and give him comfort. It was a good day together.

So, we will see what this day holds. But we know that the Lord is here and that He has made this day, too.

We feel your presence with us and your prayers surrounding us. Please don’t stop.

Our lives and our days are yours Lord.

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