Help Publish Tage’s Story

Dear Faithful Blog Reader,

I know God doesn’t waste our pain, and I knew He would do something with Tage’s story.  And He did.  He began using Tage’s story, as I wrote it down, to change people’s lives.  Through Tage’s life and death, God showed us His love in the midst of great suffering and of the hope we have in Jesus, even when life is falling apart.  As many of you know, from reading our story at, the pain didn’t end after Tage’s death.  The losses, one after another, reminded some people of Job in the Bible.  Yet, despite his suffering, Job still trusted God.  That is a story we can all relate to even today.  It’s a story that God is leading me tell.

This week, I had the opportunity to speak with a former literary agent and successful professional in the publishing world who now coaches authors.  He was really excited about this story and invited me to work with him.  His expertise would help make sure the writing and proposal are as polished as they can be, and he would help me develop a platform so that a publisher will feel comfortable taking the financial risk of publishing this story (because, after all, even Christian publishing is a business).

I sense God calling me to do this as I honor His story through my story and through Tage’s story.

A year of the coach’s time, expertise, and editing will cost $9,997.  To me, that is A LOT of money, and I lost sleep over that number last night.  But this morning, God reminded me that it is not a lot of money to Him.

People need Hope.  They need to know Jesus cares for them in their suffering, and that is what this book would do.  It’s already over 50% written, but it needs a little more polish.

The amount I’d like to raise will cover the cost of the coach at $9,997 with a 2.9% fee from GoFundMe.  To cover the cost and the fee, we need to raise $10,287.  I need to tell this coach by Tuesday if I am able to work with him.  Otherwise, he will (wisely) move on to other projects.

If you would like to participate in furthering this story as part of God’s story, please consider donating.

All donations are important.  Every dollar adds up.  But as an extra thank you, donations of $1,000 or more will be first on the book tour schedule: I will come speak for FREE (with the newly published book) at an event of your choosing — a group of four around a dinner table or a group of a thousand. Whatever you want to do, I will be there!
To God be the glory!  He’s got this.

To donate, click this link:


7 thoughts on “Help Publish Tage’s Story

  1. Molly,

    What a beautiful opportunity! Is there a way I can share this for you on Facebook?


    On Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 12:00 PM Molly McCracken Huffman wrote:

    > Molly Huffman posted: “Dear Faithful Blog Reader, I know God doesn’t waste > our pain, and I knew He would do something with Tage’s story. And He did. > He began using Tage’s story, as I wrote it down, to change people’s lives. > Through Tage’s life and death, God showed us His l” >


  2. Molly, congrats on this worthwhile project. It will bring peace and understanding to so many others. One suggestion is to allow the readers of the Facebook posts to be able to see your inspirational writings. add your website so they can do this. again, congrats and I hope the writing coach gives you a few more days to get the money,


    1. Thank you, Lou! I had decided that I wanted to personally only ask my subscribed readers (my personal community), but you are more than welcomed to share it on Facebook if you’d like. Thank you for your continued support, love, and encouragement! You can absolutely encourage them to subscribe to my writings, too! 🙂


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