The Moon is Round

Have you ever experienced a crisis so deeply wounding that you find yourself questioning everything you once believed? Have you ever looked at your lot in life and wondered where God is, if His word is true, or how He could let these bad things happen to you? After all, doesn’t God reward the faithful, especially when all they want are the simple things of life like a spouse to care for them, children to raise, and a loving home for them all to share? Why wouldn’t God want to give us these things? And what are we supposed to do when He takes them all away?

In The Moon is Round, Molly Huffman shares her unfathomably grievous story of when death came crashing into her life – taking people, relationships, and all of her dreams. The fairytale life Molly had hoped for was gone, and she was forced to decide whether she could trust a God who would allow such pain and heartbreak.

Journey with her through her poignantly honest struggle to live with broken dreams and authenticate her faith in God as she shares how suffering became a tool of growth and a conduit to a better life of joy and peace than she ever knew was possible. 

The Moon is Round is an incredible story of loss and grief and love and true faith.  You will be both deeply moved by the journey that Molly’s writing takes you on as well as deeply inspired by her faith through such difficult circumstances.  It is a beautiful book and you should read it right now! 

Jon McLaughlin, singer songwriter

Molly has a remarkable story that touches both the depths of despair and the heights of hope. Not only that, she’s able to help the reader find God’s purposes in their own redemptive journey by drawing out unique insights and inspiring revelation. We would highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever experienced any measure of pain — which is everyone.

Davey and Kristi Blackburn, Founders of Nothing is Wasted Ministries and host of the Nothing is Wasted Podcast

Molly’s story of unwavering faith in the midst of overwhelming loss is perhaps the most moving thing I have ever read. Well-written with beautiful honesty, this book is both heartbreaking and redemptive, carrying a message of hope for our lives on earth and in eternity. Anyone who has experienced loss will find a friend and fellow sojourner in Molly. It is impossible not be supernaturally inspired by the faith, courage and resilience in these pages. We all have hard battles in this life. I believe God has delivered this book to help many people through those times and it is not to be missed.

Molly Huffman, Author of The Moon is Round

One of the worst things about suffering is feeling alone. That’s what makes Molly’s rendering of her story so powerful for those who read it—the companionship it provides to those who hurt, along with generous doses of insight, vulnerability, and hope. 

Nancy Guthrie, author of Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow

We are all stewards of the pain God has allowed in our lives. In this book, Molly shares the real, raw truth of her life with much grace. I hope you are moved by her story to draw near to the God who loves you abundantly.

Chris Fabry, author and host of the radio show Chris Fabry Live

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Molly since she was a child and getting to walk with her through many different seasons. She has experienced more loss in her life than most and she has made the brave choice to allow God to mold and refine her through her suffering instead of becoming bitter. There are beautiful lessons for all of us throughout this entire book. She challenges us to look at our most painful moments through a different set of lenses. She cheers us on with the great reminder that we can all do hard things. This book is raw, honest and will continually bring you back to the Hero of the story: Jesus. With Jesus pain is never wasted, suffering is never without purpose and this world is not the end of the story.” 

Kim Tabor, worship leader, speaker, and author of Finally Free

What an honor you have, holding this book. If there is anyone who will give you grounding truth for your aching heart, it is Molly. Because she knows ache. She knows pain. She knows grief. And she knows truth that steadies the shaking soul. She tells her story with page-turning prose and refreshing honesty. Thank you, Molly, for sharing your precious life.

Amy Seiffert, speaker and author of Grace Looks Amazing on You and Chin Up

Often we hear about the mountaintop experiences, even the valley ones too; rarely do we hear about the climb, the gripping to rock and walking parched in rugged terrain toward hope. We need Molly’s voice, this book to teach and remind us that a loving Savior is present with us in that whole journey. Thank you Molly for using your voice to speak to what our souls long for in joy and pain, tragedy and triumph.

Sarah Scharbrough McLaughlin, singer songwriter and host of the Momnensia podcast