The book is available TODAY!! Please consider buying a copy (or more) TODAY to help give this book its best big push out into the world!

I hope you are encouraged.

I hope you laugh a bit and cry a bit.

I hope you feel great Hope and are drawn to the Hero of it all!

On your mark, get set,….GO!!!



2 thoughts on “BOOK AVAILABLE NOW!

  1. I am just a stranger who found you on the Internet years ago, read your blog, prayed for you, and believed you had a gift for Bible teaching. Publishing a book is no easy feat (!) and neither was living the story. If I am bursting with this much pride, I can’t even imagine how your real-life tribe on earth and in heaven must be feeling on this momentous day. You have been so faithful through so much. Such precious humility you always model for the rest of us, directing attention to God and never your self. What a joyful, holy moment today is, dear soul! I am celebrating with you.


    1. Jennifer, WOW. Your message was such a gift to me! I had no idea people from years ago were still following this journey. Thank you for your encouragement! If you’d be up for it, please send me a message through the “contact” link on my website so we can stay in touch! I’d love to know where you live in case we could meet in person! And thank you so much for your support and encouragement!


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